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Take a look at the publications of the researchers that collaborate in the team of Trust in a digital society.


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  • Tuters, M., Jokubauskaite, E., Bach, D. (2018) "Post-Truth Protest: How 4chan Cooked Up the Pizzagate Bullshit." M/C Journal 21 (3).


Policy documents

  • Bodó, B. (2020). Trust, blockchain-based technologies, institutions, and the social good. In Scanning the European Ecosystem of Distributed Ledger Technologies for Social and Public Good (pp. 88-91). European Commission - Joint Research Centre.
  • Bodó, B., von Schwichow, H., & Appelman, N. (2020). Money Talks? Report on the one-day symposium on the impact of corporate funding on information law research. (Amsterdam Law School Legal Studies Research Papers; No. 2020-16), (Institute for Information Law Research Papers; No. 2020-02). Universiteit van Amsterdam, Instituut voor Informatierecht. [details]

Working papers